Artist Bio

Hello, My name is Katherine Taylor-Green and I am an artist!

I was born on August 25, 1952, the oldest of 6 children. Life changes had us moving around a lot, from the small town I was born in to a small city where I graduated high school.

I can't remember a time when I didn't draw and I took every class that jr high and high school would allow.

But I did what a lot of women of my generation did at the time. I married young and started a family. I put aside my art to raise my daughters, especially after I found myself divorced and in need of a regular job!

I didn't pick up my paints again til my youngest was a senior in high school. There again, life changes. I signed up for a basic drawing class and haven't looked back.

Through all of the altered things in my life, my art has always been there. I remarried, joining his last name with my maiden name. I joined an art guild, entered shows, won ribbons, and sold a few nice pieces over the years.

Then a major life change. I got involved in breeding Labrador Retrievers and the hunt test game that goes with them. Instead of a drop in my painting time, it increased as I started picking up regular commission work painting people's Labs!

It has been wonderful! I meet new clients at hunt tests, training days, and on Labrador Forums online.

Finding my favorite medium has followed an epic journey of it's own! I started out with oils, gravitated to colored pencils and then watercolor. I tried acrylics, but we didn't get along at all!

Then I discovered the very old medium of pastels and it felt like coming home. I have been a pastelest for 7 years now and still love them as much today as at the beginning.

The vibrant colors and ease of handling appeal to me as other mediums have not.

I hope to continue my commission work with Labradors but also want to add some of my other favorite subjects.

So if you have a loved one you wish a pastel portrait of, furkid or human, drop me an email. I look forward to meeting you!