Introducing Certainty's Devil Went Down To Georgia, call name Georgie. She is out of our Stevie by Blazing Red Kennel's Flame.

While I have had few major problems in my 10 years as a breeder, Georgie's litter was a major exception. We almost lost Stevie to complications after her C-section. We barely got her to the vet in time to save her life. She was bleeding internally.

There were 6 puppies in the litter and over the next week, I lost 3 of them. They had such a rocky start that even hand feeding couldn't make them strong enough to survive. Bits of my heart went with them. Of the remaining 3, one female got an infection in her right eye at 5 days of age. It happens sometimes when a lot of extra handling is involved. Not only was I feeding them, I was also administering fluids against de-hydration, and giving them antibiotics.  It was 10 days before the weakest 2 rallied and were able to nurse strongly on their mother. And the little girl with the eye infection lost her eye. By the time she was old enough for her eyes to naturally open, the eyeball had simply collapsed.

So, of course, I kept her. But you know, she had no idea that she had a handicap. She just ran and played with her 2 siblings as though nothing was wrong. My trainer assured me that there was no reason she couldn't learn what the other dogs learn. Turns out, she is a super confident, high drive retriever, very bold and scared of nothing. At 5 months of age she and her brother, Hank, are undersized for their age and will catch up in time.  I had her bad eye removed to protect her from serious hurt in the field. There was the possibility of injury by something she couldn't see coming. But she is a retrieving dynamo and just might be one of the best things to ever happen around here! She is definitely the light that came out of a very dark and heartbreaking situation.