We recommend NuVet Plus!

 I initially began using this product for my 13 yr old Wolfdog. It really helped him with the digestive problems that plagued him  in old age. Unfortunately, I lost him. No matter what help you give them, they don't get to live forever. But his last year was more comfortable for him.

I still use this on all my Labs. It gives puppies an immune system boost, keeps my breeding bitches healthier and stronger, and keeps my retired oldsters healthier with lessened chances for some serious diseases. It is great for dogs with allergies!


  Vesper's new puppies have arrived! Born on August 1st, there are 4 black girls, 1 black boy, and 2 yellow boys. Mama and babies are doing fine.

  Certainty's Red Hot Chili Pepper has her first 2 passes toward her Started Retriever title! Good job, Cayenne!

  Vesper now has her HRC Started title! What we began at Ohio River HRC's Spring test, we finished at Inducky HRC's Fall test. Vesper is now SHR Certainty's Wanna Be A Bond Girl!

  Meet the gang!